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How Long Should a Personal Essay Be? How to Choose Correct Size?

How Long Should a Personal Essay Be? You should write an essay, but you are not sure about the size of it and if you are doing everything right? Welcome to our step-by-step guide. With our advice, you are safe when it comes to the structure and content of the essay.


Writing consists of writing a thought, thought, etc., although not all the types of writing (or it is also called writing) is appropriate in the world academic. We call an essay an academic writing.

An essay is a type of prose that briefly analyzes, interprets, or evaluates a topic. I consider such a literary genre as poetry, fiction, and drama. Trial with what students usually find is an essay that is a question of homework or exam and that it differs from other types of writing in that.

Use a formal tone. For this reason, humor, sarcasm, colloquial vocabulary, and tangential or irrelevant observations. Necessarily keep in mind that there is a big difference between conversational (informal) and

in writing (officially) in English. The main purpose of a personal essay or homework is to demonstrate your knowledge of the course as fully as possible.

It is important to answer the questions accurately.

Keep in mind that an essay is usually evaluated by three criteria:

1. Relevant and well-documented content.

2. Relevant and well-organized argument.

3. Correct and idiomatic use of language.

Don’t think that professional writers will write any text at once. Before achieving the final text they must write several drafts. It will happen to him yourself, and should not be hindered as this is part of the process. I recommend that you do not worry about getting vocabulary at the beginning of the process perfect or spend time with a dictionary.

This corresponds to a later stage.

When you can’t find the right word, write the one closest to you and emphasize this.

Stages of essay preparation:

1. Make a list of ideas. When you’re done, try to find a logical order for this and sort by categories.

2. Make a contour. This will allow you to submit all the ideas as well as central arguments visually.

3. Write the first draft [draft] and then as many as needed.


How to Make a Personal Essay: Tips to Keep in Mind

Very often, when writing an essay, all the ideas we had disappeared and the mind is empty, the most common question in these cases begins to haunt our heads, how to begin a personal essay?

The first thing to understand to be able to write an essay is the structure, but not only that, because other factors affect its quality, which we will try to highlight in this publication.

The structure of the essay:

We can define an essay in three parts according to its structure: introduction, elaboration, and conclusion, but what should each of them contain?

Introduction: This part should be about 10% of the length of the abstract and should perfectly summarize the topic that the author intends to deal with during the essay. The introduction will display a reasoned line, which will be performed in other parts of the essay.

Development: This is the central part of the essay, and therefore the one that should occupy the greatest expansion, in particular about 80%. In this part, the author will present his ideas and arguments, referring to other authors, journals, or directories on the selected topic. The main ideas and arguments that position the author on this topic will be presented. All explanations must be well-connected and well-connected.

Conclusion: the remaining 10% of the duration of the trial corresponds to the conclusion. In this part, the author should summarize the most important ideas of the whole text, which he wrote earlier. Moreover, you should highlight ideas that help you position yourself so that you can easily learn the position of the author.

Steps for writing a personal essay:

Once the structure is clear, there are several tips to help you improve the implementation of your ideas and, ultimately, to be able to do the essay better.

Take a look at the six tips we’ll give you below:

1. Think about the topic of your essay (such as a personal essay).

No matter how orderly the structure of the essay is, the subject under consideration must be of great relevance. Solve current problems and write with the target audience in mind. Check the local media and find out about the problems on the table.

2. Investigate everything you can about the topic you are going to deal with.

Look for reliable sources from which you can get information for your essay. Your district or city library will probably be able to help you find the documentation you need. But if it’s a personal essay, your family and family archives will help. If you prefer to search for information on the Internet, make sure that your teacher is committed to the use of Wikipedia as a source.

3. Study other essays already written on your chosen topic

Find essays written by professionals who deal with the topic you plan to develop and learn about styles, types, content …

4. Don’t cover too many points

The essay does not claim to exhaust all the possibilities of the topic but focuses only on its part. Avoid writing paragraphs and paragraphs of other aspects of the topic.

5. Use short sentences

This will add dynamism to the text and save the reader’s attention. It’s a way to avoid the boredom of your audience, and the ideas are specific.

6. Include reflection

As objective as your essay should be, it is recommended that you include a paragraph after the end that encourages reflection and tries to change the reader’s view of the topic.

How to Make a Personal Essay

4 More General Tips for the Perfect Personal Essay

1. Start early. If you have to submit an essay in a week and start only the day before, you will get stressed and probably will not write such a good text as the one that takes more time.

2. Schedule a fixed writing time. Reserve a fixed time for writing that is not interrupted by meetings or leisure. Time intervals can vary depending on the age and complexity of the essay, but should not be too short or too long.

3. Plan enough breaks. In an hour at the latest, you should treat yourself to a short (!) Break and move. It relaxes the muscles and provides new energy.

4. Work smoothly. Therefore, avoid all possible distractions. It also includes watching TV from the side, making phone calls, or checking social media over and over again.

4 More General Tips for the Perfect Personal Essay

The Main Question for Everyone is:

How long should a Personal Essay be?

And now as you know for sure how to begin the essay, you need to know the exact site of it. Furthermore, you must note the number of characters and words for the essay.

The size of the essay should vary from 100 words to 2500 words, depending on the topic, the goal, and the rationale for your opinion.

An essay 100 words is a very short essay in which you describe the main topic rather superficially.

An essay 250 words or 500 essay words – will have a slightly larger volume wherein each paragraph – will fit 2-3 short sentences, in general, describing the situation – on the subject of this essay.

The more words, the better you will convey to the reader your opinion, your intentions, and advice, the whole essence and meaning of this essay.

The best option is an essay with an average of 1000 words, it’s about 2 A4 pages – depending on the size and type of font. Experts advise writing an essay, opening your own opinion wide and far ahead, so the option of 1000 essay words to 2500 essay words will be the best method of writing your essay, which will be meaningful and understandable to everyone.

1500 words essay, this is an incomplete three sheets of A4 format, because as you already understand the volume of 2500 essay words is almost 5 sheets of A4 format.

Therefore, the volume of your essay, whatever the subject, depends on your developed thinking.


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